Cowon retires iAudio X5 MP3 player; X7 set for summer debut

Portable media player company Cowon has announced that they will be discontinuing their popular iAudio X5 MP3 player and soon replacing it with a new player called the X5.

Photo of Cowon Q5.
The Cowon Q5 (above) is also set to be released this year. Will the iAudio X7 have a similar design? Cowon America, Inc.

MP3 player manufacturer Cowon has announced that their iAudio X5 MP3 player will soon be discontinued. To fill the void, reports claim that Cowon will release an iAudio X7 model sometime this summer. The X5 has enjoyed a loyal following since it debuted in 2005, due partly to its excellent sound quality. There's no word on exactly what the X7 has in store. Plenty of rumors abound and even a suspicious mock-up has surfaced.

Here's what we do know. Cowon's latest D2 MP3 player uses a touch screen. Cowon's upcoming Q5 uses a touch screen. The Apple iPhone uses a touch screen. Will the X7 use a touch screen? Odds are pretty good.

Whatever it looks like, hopefully Cowon will keep with its tradition of creating MP3 players with outstanding sound quality and give the X5 fans something to cheer about.


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