Court finds SCO guilty of lying about Unix code in Linux

SCO is a liar. We all know that, but a German court has officially declared it.

In some ways, it's just another nail in SCO's coffin, but Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reports that a German court has found SCO guilty of lying (gasp!) with regard to its claims that Unix code found its way into Linux. But with SCO's directors trying to reap final monetary gains from their mendacious ways, it's probably good to drive as many nails in as possible to ensure SCO truly dies. Quickly.

In the United States, SCO's Linux/Unix litigation has been stalled out while the company's bankruptcy trial is being dealt with. In Germany, however, several court cases have found SCO Group GmbH, SCO's Germany branch, guilty of lying about Linux containing stolen Unix code.

Truth was never a strong point with SCO's management team. At least now we can thank the Germans for officially declaring this fact. Remember, SCO friends: Lügner gehen zur Hölle.

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