Countertop appliance cooks it all

The Cuisinart CBO-1000 Oven Central is capable of cooking up a variety of meals. Featuring the ability to steam, saute, roast, broil, bake, and toast, the appliance is an all-in-one solution for the kitchen.

The Cuisinart CBO-1000 Oven Central makes it easy to cook whatever you are hungry for.
The Cuisinart CBO-1000 Oven Central makes it easy to cook whatever you are hungry for. Chef's Catalog

The kitchen countertop has become a landscape where anything can happen. Populated with appliances of all shapes and sizes, the one central area has become a place where potential gets turned into delicious meals every day. However, all that deliciousness comes at a cost that extends beyond the checkout line at the supermarket; as every home chef knows, space is always an issue.

Convenience on the countertop comes in many forms. But that doesn't mean it cannot come in one form. The Cuisinart CBO-1000 Oven Central is an all-in-one countertop appliance that can cook up a variety of meals quickly and easily. Combining an oven, steamer, toaster, broiler, roaster, and contact grill into one appliance, the overachieving appliance gives users the ability to cook most anything without taking up a lot of space.

A variety of accessories provides the means to cook everything from cupcakes to kebabs. Heating elements in the top and bottom of the unit give control over what is on the menu. Temperature can be adjusted from a keep warm setting up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and a timer is also included. Included with the device is a nonstick cupcake/muffin pan, a nonstick baking pan, a metal steaming rack, and four metal skewers. Now if only it were easy to decide what to make.

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