Countdown to Nokia's new product announcement

On Tuesday, Nokia plans to make a mystery product announcement; rumors say it will be a touch device to rival the iPhone and T-Mobile G1.


In the tech world, it's rare that a new product remains a complete secret from the prying eyes of gadget enthusiasts and bloggers, but somehow Nokia has done it. On Tuesday, in conjunction with the Nokia World 2008 Conference in Barcelona, Spain, the Finnish cell phone manufacturer will reveal a new device, and it's a complete mystery.

According to Robert Scoble, Nokia executives have been bragging that "the Internet has no clue" what it's about to announce, and that all guesses, including a new touch-screen cell phone (Engadget Mobile thinks it could possibly be a touch-based Communicator) have all been wrong. However, the popular thought seems to be that the gadget will be something to rival the Apple iPhone and T-Mobile G1.

OK, Nokia, we'll bite. The announcement is planned for Tuesday at 12:15 a.m. PST; coincidentally, CNET editor David Carnoy also says there's an event planned at Nokia's New York flagship store Monday night. Related? Perhaps. We'll have all the details for you Tuesday, and Nokia has also set up a countdown site so you can be notified of the news. Any guesses as to what the mystery product could be?

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