Cosmetic line eases HDTV complex(ion)

Samsung teams with Make Up For Ever to present a workshop that pairs makeup with high-definition those unforgiving TVs.

Even makeup has entered the age of high definition. To our surprise, Samsung recently teamed with makeup-services provider Make Up For Ever to present a workshop that paired makeup with HDTVs.

Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever

The rationale? The new demands of digital technology, where high definition tends to amplify details up to six times more than standard definition. This basically translates to talc-based makeup now accentuating, instead of hiding, those pimples, pigmentation, eyebags, enlarged pores and, horror of horrors, wrinkles when viewed on high-def TV.

This can be brutal not just for professional actors and actresses, but also for brides obsessed with their appearance before the unforgiving clarity of high-definition. So moving with the times, Make Up For Ever has developed a new line of HD cosmetics for the digital era.

Since we're a Web-based tech site, the workshop, held at Samsung's flagship Vivocity store in Singapore, probably didn't rock our boat much since anything screened on a tiny video window virtually allowed our presenters to get away with all kinds of facial blemishes.

Still, with high definition the shape of things to come, and with even cameras now offering 720p HD video-recording capability, it'd just be a matter of time before our cameraman goes HD and we'll have to gird ourselves for a high-definition close-up.

(Via Crave Asia)

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