Correction: Mac OS 7.6 and Ethernet problem (No?)

Correction: Mac OS 7.6 and Ethernet problem (No?)

Adam Lipkin forwarded me the following message, which he claims came from a WebSTAR mailing list: "Apple's internal testing has determined that their is a bug in the Ethernet drivers distributed with Mac OS 7.6. When placed under high load, the Ethernet drivers may suddenly stop responding, thus resulting in a loss of all AppleTalk and TCP/IP connectivity. A full restart of the Mac OS is necessary in order to make the driver 'come back to life.' Apple is aware of this problem, and from my understanding, will have this bug fixed in Mac OS 7.6.1. I am not sure if this bug is also present in System 7.5.3 and 7.5.5, however it is suggested by StarNine that high volume WebSTAR sites do not upgrade to Mac OS 7.6 until Mac OS 7.6.1."

Update: As pointed out by several readers (including Ric Ford, who briefly linked to this from MacInTouch), the above statement is wrong. Actually, the information above was posted to the mailing list as stated, but later retracted as an error. I posted it here before I knew it had been retracted. The problem does exist in System 7.5.3 and 7.5.5 but was corrected in 7.6. Sorry about the original posting!


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