Corporate search engine starts up

Yet another search engine has been invented, this one for business files.

Many users may think that the world has enough search engines, but Executive Technologies would beg to differ.

The company today released an Internet version of its SearchExpress engine to let corporate employees and clients use their browsers to locate any HTML, word-processing, CAD, image, audio, or video files.

Intranet administrators who purchase SearchExpress/Internet must index all documents to be included in the search universe, although the files can stay in their original location, be it the server or a user's hard disk. Administrators concerned with duplication can also index master documents in the SearchExpress Object database.

SearchExpress/Internet users can search flexible fields and employ multiple search functions, including keyword proximity and concept searches. The engine can also search within a range of dates or other numbers.

A beta copy of SearchExpress/Internet is available for free from the company's Web site. The final release costs $995.

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