Corel ports WordPerfect to Linux

Adding to its Linux-based products, Corel is planning to port its WordPerfect 8 business application suite to the free operating system.

Adding to its Linux-based applications and tools cache, Corel is planning to port its WordPerfect 8 business application suite to the free operating system, the company confirmed today.

The move follows an announcement last week, from the company's Corel Computer subsidiary, that it will release the source code for an assortment of tools to build Linux-based products for its network computer, or NetWinder, an adjunct of the Corel Video Network Computer.

All new products based on the Linux operating system will be posted to the company's Web-site, according to the company.

An official announcement of the Linux version of WordPerfect suite is expected from Corel later today. Sources who attended a Linux users group meeting in Ottawa, Ontario last week, said the company will make the Linux port of WordPerfect available in June.

The WordPerfect 8 suite includes the WordPerfect word processor, Quattro spreadsheet, Presentations presentation software, Corel Central personal information manager, and other applications.

Sources said the company may also port its drawing and graphics applications to Linux.

Corel's latest moves to support Linux closely parallel similar initiatives announced by Netscape Communications. Last week, Netscape said it plans to release the source code for its Directory Software Developer's Kit for free on the Internet. The company in March posted Linux-based source code for its Communicator Web application suite to the Web.

Netscape executives lately have been spreading the gospel about the benefits of open source code and praising the success of Linux.

WordPerfect 8 for Linux is priced at $99, the company said.

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