Cool down that Cuervo shot with IcyCold

Attach a bottle of choice to the top of the machine and let the liquor drop to a temperature colder than ice.

If shots are your thing, you know how nicely (um, fast) they slide down ice cold--or, when too warm, make you run with buckled stomach behind shrubs in summer.

Me, I prefer a cold glass of Chardonnay on a summer night straight from the fridge.

IcyCold's shot chiller cools down your shot of choice. Bed&Bath

But who cares about me. If Cuervo or Jagermeister are the spirits that move you to sing from rooftops, then this IcyCold shot chiller is indeed a luxury.

Either that or it will wind up in your garage within a year, taking its rightful place beside the SaladShooter. (They actually still make this thing. I was just singing the company's old jingle but will spare you the audio.)

So here's how the chiller works. You simply attach a bottle of choice to the top of the machine (yes, you dump it!) and let the liquor drop to a temperature colder than ice for a "chilly taste sensation," as the promoters promise. There's no spilling since the booze comes out the easy-pour faucet.

This model features LED illumination that lights up the bottle of whatever you're drinking tonight. Store your shot glass on the tray next to the bottle.

The shot chiller is made of stainless steel and plastic and has a 750-ml reservoir.

You'd better like your shots lots if you want to feature this handy chiller on your deck or in your den. It will set you back a cool $149.99. (As an aside, IcyCold is the same company that brought you a Pro Series Commercial Kegerator.)

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