Cookie dough and a smoothie--to go

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is an easy-to-use appliance that can make a variety of items. Accessories include everything from a dough blade to a travel cup.

More than just a cookie machine.
More than just a cookie machine. Bed Bath & Beyond

There are more than a few things in the kitchen where time is of the essence. Cookies and smoothies-to-go are two of those things.

Cookies have to take the time to bake. Sad, but that is just the way it is (the deliciousness of cookie dough notwithstanding). Luckily, after this period of time has eclipsed, the oven door is finally pried open and--voila!--the cookies are ready to eat. After they cool down, that is.

Waiting may be torture, but prepping the dough doesn't have to be. The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is a simple-to-use device that operates quickly and efficiently with no-hassle control. All that is required is to press down on the top. No muss, no fuss, and your dough is ready to go. But the machine does much more than mix dough.

In addition to the 40-ounce processing bowl, the cookie paddle, and dough blade, the counter-top appliance also comes with single-serve blending cups, complete with their own blade set and travel lid. And for ultimate utility, the processing bowl also comes with a blade assembly, which allows it to be used as a food processor/blender. The array of accessories and the unique press-to-blend activation allows for a wide range of possibilities to be prepared at a moment's notice--but we still have to wait for the cookies to bake.

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