Cook sous vide as simple as can be with Sousimple

The Sousimple kitchen controller takes a bare-bones approach to cooking sous vide. The device is meant to be used with existing manual kitchen appliances.

The Kickstarter project Sousimple is a sous vide kitchen controller designed to be affordable. No, the wooden box is not mandatory.
The Kickstarter project Sousimple is a sous vide kitchen controller designed to be affordable. No, the wooden box is not mandatory. Mark Bliss and Darren Jeseritz/Kickstarter

The kitchen is made for tinkering in. Except unlike other tinkering areas like the garage or the back yard, one gets to eat the results when constructing in the kitchen. But as it turns out, there is more to do than just test recipes and food combinations.

The Sousimple sous vide kitchen controller is a Kickstarter project that takes an interesting approach to introducing kitchen tinkerers to the cooking method. Designed to be a bare-bones entry machine, the device keeps costs down by keeping things simple. Instead of a sous vide unit that requires an immersion circulator, precision control, and a specially designed water bath, you get a little box, encased in wood, made to be used with a kitchen appliance you most likely already have. And sometimes, you don't even get the little case made of wood.

For only $35, the team of Darren Jeseritz and Mark Bliss has created a reward level to appeal to true tinkerers. The DIY sous vide temperature controller kit consists of the components needed to get started. Including everything but the box, the kit lets users put it all together in any way they see fit.

If plug-and-play is more appealing, the higher pledges do offer ready to go solutions. In any case, the bare-bones concept is solid; we've seen a similar temperature controller before. Basically, they turn on and off a manual appliance such as a rice cooker or a slow cooker. About the only way to approach sous vide cooking at a lower price point would be to sit there and toggle the switch manually. Not even going out to eat would be as affordable.

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