Converter cable makes PSP Go fat again

The PSP Go Converter Cable Adapter allows your old PSP accessories to work with the new handheld, but fattens it up in the process.

Ars Technica

We're just about ready to post our PSP Go review but we couldn't wait to share this accessory with you. This absolutely ridiculous-looking contraption is the Sony PSP Go Converter Cable Adapter, a device you'll need to buy for your PSP Go if you don't want all those PSP 1000 - 3000 accessories to become useless. That's right, almost all of the original PSP accessories will not work with the Go.

Judging by the photo, we're not sure why this gadget needs to be mounted on the top and bottom of the PSP Go, and we can't imagine having a comfortable grip on the device when the screen is slid open.

We also agree with the Ars Technica blogger who pointed out that this basically negates the PSP Go's main attraction, its slim and sleek form factor. Of course, you'll be able to purchase all new PSP Go accessories when they go on sale alongside the new handheld on October 1.

The PSP Go Converter Cable Adapter goes on sale in Japan on December 24 for around $21 and should show up in the U.S. in January.

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