Control these robot cat ears with your brain

Yes, you've always wanted a pair of cat ears that flop up and down according to your mental state.

Fashion that can read minds. What would Vogue say? Neurowear

How do you know if a girl is interested in you? If she's wearing Necomimi robot cat ears, you'll know right away. Whether you'd be interested in girls who wear cat ears is another matter.

A Japanese group called Neurowear has been promoting this high-tech headband, which consists of a pair of motorized, fuzzy feline ears and a brain wave sensor.

The ears feature in Japan's otaku subcultures centered on anime and manga fandom. They're seen in catgirl outfits worn by cosplay enthusiasts.

It's easy to find cat-ear headbands in Japan, but Neurowear has taken them a step beyond. The Necomimi forehead brain wave sensor makes the ears stand up when the wearer concentrates. They turn down in response to a relaxed state.

In the rather ridiculous PR video below, the ears stand up when a woman passes a man who catches her eye. Meanwhile, guys have also been trying Necomimi, as seen in the vid here, shot at a recent demo in Tokyo.

The group says it's still working out a price, but wants to release Necomimi at the end of the year. It also plans more brain wave fashions in the future.

I could see these being useful or hilarious in a variety of settings. It's one way to freak your cat out.

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