ContourHD: Extreme version of Flip MinoHD

VHoldR bills its new ContourHD as the first wearable HD camcorder.


Yes, you could, in theory, strap the Flip MinoHD to your ski helmet, hit record, and see what happens. But a couple of companies are making extreme YouTube-friendly camcorders, and VHoldR's second-generation model is billed as "the first HD wearable camcorder."

VHoldR says it maintained the simplicity from its earlier standard-definition camcorder, but "seriously improved" the video quality, field of view, memory capacity, and the audio experience in the ContourHD. The camcorder is powered by a removable, rechargeable, lithium ion battery. It has a slot for a microSD card (it accepts cards up to 16GB for 8 hours of recording time), a wide-angle lens (135 degrees), and a laser-guided alignment system.

The ContourHD will be available in May for $300. To view video samples, visit

Also worth checking out: the GoPro Hero, a competing extreme video recorder.

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