Consumers may not embrace 3D TV (podcast)

3D TVs are all the rage at CES, but will consumers snap them up? USA Today technology reporter Jefferson Graham doesn't think so.

USA Today's Jefferson Graham

If you walk around the Central Hall at CES, you get the feeling that 3D TV is sure to be the "next big thing." It certainly is big at the enormous gadgetfest, but just because TV manufacturers are embracing the technology doesn't mean consumers will be quite so enthusiastic.

USA Today technology journalist Jefferson Graham doesn't think so. "You go to the movies three hours and you wear some glasses, that's fine. Do you really want to wear those glasses in front of your TV every night?" asks Graham. He talks about the reality of 3D TV in this podcast.

For a contrasting opinion, click here to check out my interview with 3D pioneer Ray Zone , who is convinced that 3D is here to stay.

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