Connect a Dodge Viper to your computer

Road Mice makes computer mice that are shaped like cars.

Dodge Viper Road Mice
This Dodge Viper has a scroll wheel under the hood. Road Mice

Still sleep in a race car bed? Then Road Mice is for you. These mice are faithful replicas of cars such as the Chevy Corvette and Ford Mustang. The company behind Road Mice, Four Door Media, just announced three new models, the Dodge Viper, Chrysler PT Cruiser, and Chrysler 300C. Considering the financial threats to Chrysler's existence, those models might not be around long as actual cars, so the mice may prove to be collectors' items.

From a functional point of view, these are wireless, optical mice, with a scroll wheel that might mar the car's design just a bit. Ergonomically, a VW Beetle would probably work best, but that model isn't offered.

For novelty, these cars/mice have LED headlights, individual serial numbers that you can pretend are VINs, and even a personalized registration and title.

Goofy, yes, but you'll get more use out of it than that Transformer sitting on your desk.

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