Conflicts explained: Spell Catcher and GoMac; SAM Intercept on PowerBooks

Conflicts explained: Spell Catcher and GoMac; SAM Intercept on PowerBooks

Spell Catcher and GoMac: an explanation and a work-around Regarding the previous report of a largely cosmetic conflict between GoMac and Spell Catcher, Evan Gross (the author of Spell Catcher) offers this explanation and work-around: "Spell Catcher installs a driver at system startup time, and renumbers its resources for that particular driver id. It turns out that, on some systems, the id chosen is high enough (> 63) that some of the resource ids conflict with those owned resource ids for WDEFs. There is a color lookup table (clut) in Spell Catcher that Kaleidoscope-aware applications look for, and on some systems, this ID is the same as the one Spell Catcher renumbers its clut to. So the work-around is pretty easy, just rename Spell Catcher so it loads earlier, or change it to load earlier if you use Conflict Catcher. This way, it will likely get a lower driver id, where there is no chance of a conflict with other owned resources. In the future, I can fix this problem entirely by storing the colors in the color lookup table elsewhere (the table is used for the colors in the thesaurus window). Since we just shipped a new update (1.5.9), I can't promise when any new version would appear, though."

Meanwhile, GoMac is now up to version 1.5fc1.

SAM Intercept freeze on PowerBooks: the explanation Charlie Conway previously reported a SAM Intercept conflict on PowerBooks. He has since found the cause and solution. It was an odd conflict with the WorldScript II extension (installed with Language Kit software). If WorldScript II was disabled, SAM worked fine. Also, it now appears that the problem may extend to any Mac, PowerBook or not, that has this extension installed.


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