Conflict between Acrobat Distiller and Norton AntiVirus

Conflict between Acrobat Distiller and Norton AntiVirus

MacFixIt reader Bob O'Driscoll describes a conflict between Norton AntiVirus and Acrobat Distller that has been confirmed by Symantec's technical support department:

"When trying to create PDFs from Word X files, I found that some files worked while others kept producing PostScript errors. This occurred when using the PDF button in Word, or when saving as a PostScript file and opening with Distiller. The PostScript file would however print correctly on a PostScript printer. I think the offending command was usually 'showpage'."

Turning off Auto-Protect in Norton AntiVirus 9 will resolve this problem. And in some cases, users can restart, turn auto-protect back on, and retain Distiller functionality.

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