Concept camera rates your photography skills

Photography is a subjective art, but a concept camera promises to rate your photos according to how aesthetically pleasing they are.

German student Andrew Kupresanin has thought up a camera that assesses the quality of photos. Andrew Kupresanin

A photo that appeals to one person may look boring to another. But what if there were a set of algorithms that could determine how good your photography skills are?

The Nadia concept camera by Andrew Kupresanin is such a shooter. After you take a photo, the rear LCD display will reveal a percentage rating that rates how aesthetically pleasing your photos are. The video below shows a mockup that Kupresanin--a digital media design student the University of Arts, Berlin--made with a Nokia N73 camera phone in a black box. It should give you a better idea of how this shooter works.

So, would you let a camera tell you how good your photo skills are? Personally, I think it's an OK idea if it's just for fun, but for a complete assessment of whether a picture is well taken, nothing beats a pair of professional eyes.

Nadia from Andrew Kupresanin on Vimeo.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gizmodo)


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