Conan says Apple is cocky over iPad 2

In a very sweet parody of the iPad 2 launch video, Conan skewers what he calls Apple's cockiness.

"It's truly incredible how little we did," says a bald man who looks for all the world like he works at Apple.

"We knew that if we changed the color, put pictures of water droplets on the desktop, made it a little faster, added two holes with cheap cameras in them, then just kind of flattened it a bit, people would just go nuts," he continues.

And that is just one of the amusements in a parody of the iPad 2 launch video produced by Conan O'Brien.

Conan introduced it by saying he felt that Apple had become a little cocky with this new iPad. And then several pseudo Apple employees demonstrated just how blase they are.

It all ends quite realistically with the tagline: "You'll buy it no matter what we say."

Some might feel that laughter is inevitable here because the original video that's parodied is so touchingly self-important.

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