Computer-modeled Bach on display in Berlin

Most of us envision the composer as an old man with a white, curly wig. Instead, think big bones with a slight underbite and short hair.

An anthropologist has built what she claims to be the most realistic reconstruction of Johann Sebastian Bach's head.

Using computer-modeling techniques, anthropologist Caroline Wilkinson of the University of Dundee in Scotland, created a new image of Bach. Most of us when envisioning the composer think of a saggy old man with a white, curly wig. Instead, he was rather big-boned with a slight underbite and short hair, as the new rendering shows.

The bust is currently on display at Berlin's Charite medical school and will then be the centerpiece of an exhibition at the Bach Museum in Eisenach, Germany, Bach's birthplace.

Read the full AP story here: "Bach bust displayed in Berlin"

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