Complete Conflict Compendium renovations

Complete Conflict Compendium renovations

While we certainly report bugs and conflicts here at MacFixIt, another site that takes a different approach to this subject (maintaining a reader contribution database of reports) is the Complete Conflict Compendium. It has long been a popular site and is one of the sites listed on the MacFixIt Links page. However, we have just received news that the site will be undergoing some major changes, including moving to a new address and getting a new name. Here's a quote from the webmaster, Trevor Inkpen:

"The Complete Conflict Compendium Mac software conflict database has been retired and Quill Services is building a new troubleshooting site. It will appear in a few weeks as a much expanded problem solving resource, with a new interface and improved speed. Due to the resignation of the original programmer from the project, it will have a new name, and a new set of features. Starting immediately, we are offering prizes of Retrieve It! 2.5 software packages for viewers who visit the CCC's existing address and give the best suggestions for what to include in the new, improved site."


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