Comparing the Galaxy S family

Just how does Samsung's Galaxy S III rate against its Galaxy S II predecessor? CNET UK's Jason Jenkins takes a closer look to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung's Galaxy S III Luke Westaway/CNET UK

If you were following yesterday's unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III and wondered how this new phone differed from the Samsung Galaxy S II, hit play on the video below and wonder no more. In it I explain the top-five things that separate the two phones from each other. For those who prefer reading, the main points are below:

The S II had a 4.3-inch screen, but the S III has a bigger 4.8-inch screen. It's also got a higher resolution: 720x1,280 pixels, compared with 400x800 on the S II. The screen on the S III is nice and bright, and text looked pin-sharp to me in the short time I had with the phone. But despite the extra half an inch of screen, the phone itself isn't much bigger, which brings me to...

The S III is slightly heavier and slightly thicker than the S II, but not by much. We're talking an extra 17 grams here and half a millimeter or so. It's slightly longer and wider than the S II, but again not by much. I think it's a pretty good compromise to make to get the extra screen size, providing that's what you're interested in.

For the full comparison, head over to CNET UK.

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