ColorSync 2.5 Kodak CMM conflict with Freehand

ColorSync 2.5 Kodak CMM conflict with Freehand

We have received two reports that the Kodak CMM (Color Management Module), installed as part of ColorSync 2.5, causes Freehand 7.0.2 to crash with a Type 3 error. Disabling the Kodak CMM is a work-around. The Kodak CMM is optionally installed to replace Apple's CMM for use with other Kodak software. (Thanks, Dennis Najuch and Peter Hill.)

Update: Ian Kelleigh did not have this problem. He adds: "One thing that may have helped (I cannot verify this) is removing all the other Kodak extensions and leaving just the Kodak CMM extension and the CMSCP/KPCMS folders. Freehand, PageMaker and Photoshop were all still able to use the Kodak Color Management with no problems."


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