CNET's top-rated sub-$100 Wireless-N routers

CNET's pick of Wireless-N routers that won't dig a hole in your wallet.

Via e-mails and discussions with people, I've recently discovered that a lot of folks out there still have the impression that 300Mbps Wireless-N routers are not as affordable as the old 54Mbps Wireless-G routers are.

The D-Link DIR-615 costs just around $40 and offered very good performance in our tests. CNET

Granted, you may be able to get a Wireless-G router for free from your service provider, but those tend to be very basic and limited in networking features. If you are willing to pay anything more than nothing, Wireless-N routers can be really affordable.

The D-Link DIR-615 , for example, can be found online for about $40, and the Tp-Link TL-WR941ND for just $50.

Check out our list of Wireless-N routers that won't dig a hole in your wallet.

Note that these routers tend to be affordable because they lock out high-end features, such as support for dual-band or network storage (all of these routers are single 2.4Ghz band, but so are Wireless-G routers). They also tend to offer shorter ranges compared with higher-end, more expensive, Wireless-N routers.

However, for most home networking needs, they will work out just fine.

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