CNET's top 10-inch tablets

CNET rounds-up its top-rated tablets with 10-inch screens, including the Apple iPad, Android Honeycomb tablets, and more.

The HP TouchPad is one of the latest tablets with a 10-inch screen. Click for more. Josh Miller

When we first created CNET's Best 5 Tablets feature, it was a stretch just to find 5 worthwhile products. Today, there are dozens of solid tablet choices out there in all shapes and sizes, with more arriving every month.

Still, the iPad and its 10-inch screen remains the tablet drawing the most attention. It's in good company, though, with an increasing number of tablets coming on the market with the same 10-inch screen size.

Though early competitors were quick to differentiate themselves from Apple with 5- or 7-inch tablets, most are coming around to the larger screen size. Smaller tablets may be more convenient to carry, but they can't beat the pocket-size portability of a smartphone.

The 10-inch tablet is still more convenient to carry than a laptop and its screen is a better fit for Web pages and digital magazines. Also, the added size makes games and movies more absorbing.

To champion these titans of tablets--be they iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows, or something else entirely--here is CNET's listing of the best 10-inch tablets.

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