CNET UK Podcast 205: A comedy of legal errors

On the show this week, we talk about the misfortune of ACS:Law and what it means for the future of suing file sharers. There's also the week's tech news and an awesome new competition.

On this week's show, we allow ourselves a laugh at the expense of ACS:Law, and wonder what implications it might have for suing people for copyright theft in the future. We also have a good crave of higher broadband speeds, The Social Network movie and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Android apps leaking data without users knowing
Gmail allows users to turn off the 'conversations' feature
ITV will start charging for online content
Google pays Frenchman damages for dodgy auto-suggest

BlackBerry PlayBook
The Social Network
Virgin Media increases upload speeds

Another week, another great competition prize: BigTrak! To enter, just Photoshop -- or use any other photo application -- our Megatimer into an amusing situation. We'll give the prize to the one that makes us LOL the most, not the one with the best Photoshopping. There are two starting photos, which you can see here and here. You can either post entries on our Facebook wall, or email them to: podcast at

In this week's special feature, we take a look over the events of the week's shenanigans with ACS:Law and talk about what it means for the privacy of the people who had their details leaked. We also applaud the volume of simply amazing revelations that have come out of this unfortunate incident.

Single Wookie-howl review
This week, we're going to give our opinion of George Lucas reworking Star Wars , once again, into 3D. But instead of a single syllable, Luke will express his views in the style of the galaxy's most famous wookie, Chewbacca.

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