CNET TV blooper reels 2012

Our 2012 roundup of the funniest moments from CNET TV shows, including Always On, Rumor Has It, Top 5, CNET On Cars, and more.

Sadly, we are not perfect here at CNET TV. We are not all well-oiled machines that can perfectly reel off product names like the Insignia NS-55E480A13A LED TV without tripping up.

Through the magic of editing, the videos you see every day here at CNET paint an illusion of effortless expertise -- but it's a lie. These videos are a constant struggle. The best we can hope for is that one of our flubs, stutters, and hissy fits might be funny enough to make it into our year-end blooper reel.

So here you have it, our annual collection of our favorite worst moments on video. We've got Sharon Vaknin swearing like a sailor, Brian Cooley sharing stage time with an animated Jamaican rodent, and so much more.

The video player above contains a playlist of multiple blooper reels, so stick around through the commercials breaks to see them all.


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