CNET News Daily Podcast: What's next for wireless Net neutrality?

CNET News' Declan McCullagh stops by to report how the FCC could step in to the issue of free and open networks on wireless connections.

Though the FCC has paid plenty of attention to the limiting of peer-to-peer traffic on wired networks, wireless providers with similar policies as Comcast have largely flown under the radar. That could change under an Obama administration, says CNET News' Declan McCullagh.

Also on today's podcast: Microsoft not interested in Yahoo anymore, Yahoo's stock plummets, Lenovo earnings plunge, Obama names a policy advisory board with two familiar tech world names, and Windows 7 news from WinHEC.

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Dems' win could herald wireless Net neutrality Windows 7 knows where you are Yahoo shares plummet post Ballmer comments

Lenovo's quarterly revenue plunges 78 percent

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Erica Ogg is a CNET News reporter who covers Apple, HP, Dell, and other PC makers, as well as the consumer electronics industry. She's also one of the hosts of CNET News' Daily Podcast. In her non-work life, she's a history geek, a loyal Dodgers fan, and a mac-and-cheese connoisseur.


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