CNET News Daily Podcast: Web expected to drive holiday sales

Today on the podcast: Retail down, Web up for the holidays; Wii losing ground; Amazon ties up Zappos acquisition; File sharers actually buy plenty of music; and more.

Forrester Research says that while retail sales will probably be flat this holiday season, online sales are expected to reach $44.7 billion, an 8 percent jump over last year. Seventy-two percent of retailers questioned said they expect holiday sales to increase over last year. And the customer experience may be improved as well. Online retailers may also show a new focus on customer engagement and service.

Also on the podcast: The Wii is losing ground, Amazon has finished its acquisition of Zappos, phishing attacks are up, file sharers spend more, and the military is testing new force-feedback packbots.


Today's stories:

Web to drive holiday retail sales

Nintendo president: 'The Wii has stalled'

Amazon laces up Zappos buy

Former AMD chief Ruiz leaving spin-off

Phishing, worms spike this year, say Microsoft and McAfee

Study: File sharers spend more money on music

Creative is latest to tackle e-book readers

Ex-MySpace CEO wants to gamble on social games

Mozilla releases first beta of Firefox 3.6

Military looks for better touch with PacBots

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