CNET News Daily Podcast: Sony busts a move

Sony's PlayStation 3 motion controller finally gets a name. We also talk Bill Gates' drop into being merely the world's second-richest man, and the results of Pink Floyd's court battles with EMI.

Today's episode is a bit games industry heavy, but that's because the Game Developers Conference is in full swing right now in San Francisco. We talk Sony's new motion controller, Twitter blocking malicious links, and Bill Gates now being only the second richest person on earth--according to Forbes at least. Tune in to find out more about these stories, and all the ones linked below.


Today's stories:

Sony unveils Move, its PS3 motion controller

Twitter to block malicious links

Apple tops Consumer Reports' tech support survey

Attention shoppers: Target offers mobile coupons

Dolby bringing 3D voice chat to consoles, Mac

InstantAction to offer embeddable console games

Pink Floyd wins court fight on downloads

Intel debuts six-core gaming chip

Mobile tycoon edges out Gates as richest man

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