CNET News Daily Podcast: Secret Google phone revealed

On the podcast: Google reveals new mobile-phone plans, AOL may sell ICQ, Toyota to sell plug-in hybrids, and more.

Over the weekend word leaked out that Google was launching a new Android phone, and more importantly, that it was doing it independent of any carrier--putting the search company potentially in competition with T-Mobile, Verizon, and other carriers that sell their own Google phones.

How the phone may eventually be sold, and by whom, is a story that's still developing. One of the first people outside Google to see this phone is CNET podcast producer Jason Howell, who got a glimpse of it on Friday, and who joins us in the studio for the newscast.

In other news: Toyota to make a plug-in Prius, AOL may sell ICQ, the European Commission warms to Oracle's acquisition of Sun, and playing Guitar Hero on Christmas lights.


Today's stories:

Google phone looks 'supersharp'

Toyota to sell 'affordable' plug-in hybrids in '11

Report: Russian investor in talks to buy ICQ

Oracle pledges to play well with MySQL

2009 holiday sales online: $19.9 billion and counting

Apple apologizes for iMac delays

Amazon EC2 gets a spot market

iPhone users are delusional, consultants say

Man turns Christmas lights into Guitar Hero game

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