CNET News Daily Podcast: MySpace working on movie download service

MySpace is well-known for its music roots, but the social network is on the verge of rolling out a video download service as well. We've got the scoop.

In today's podcast we talk about a concept laptop that has four screens, as well as new SSDs the size of business cards that should make for even smaller notebook computers. We also get CNET News reporter Greg Sandoval in the studio to talk about MySpace's upcoming movie download service.


Today's stories:

HP unveils Skyroom video collaboration tool

Netflix awards $1 million for outdoing Cinematch

Toshiba brings out business-card-size solid-state drives

Sony catalog comes to Amie Street--with fine print

Intel debuts concept notebook with four displays

Official Gmail push comes to iPhone, Windows Mobile

MySpace, Hulu working on new video service

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