CNET News Daily Podcast: Is Snow Leopard worth the upgrade fee?

A look at what enhancements to expect in Apple's next-generation operating system, including possible security upgrades.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard makes its official appearance Friday, and editor Jason Parker joins the podcast to talk about whether it's worth the $29 upgrade fee. Also, CNET News security reporter Elinor Mills examines possible security enhancements that could put the OS on a level playing field with Vista and Windows 7.

That, and other news of the day, on Thursday's CNET News Daily Podcast.


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Leslie Katz, Crave's senior editor, heads up a team that covers the most crushworthy (and wackiest) tech, science, and culture around. As a co-host of the now-retired CNET News Daily Podcast, she was sometimes known to channel Terry Gross and still uses her trained "podcast voice" to bully the speech recognition software on automated customer service lines. E-mail Leslie.


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