CNET News Daily Podcast: Google gets into the storage game

Yesterday Google Docs was just an online office suite. Today it's a full-fledged online storage service too. What does it all mean?

We've known Google's been cooking up an online storage service for a while now, but today's news that Google is allowing file dumps into Google Docs was a bit unexpected. Or was it? We delve into that, along with some CES remainders, and plenty of Microsoft news. Tune in to get the scoop.


Today's stories:

Google Docs gets file storage: Is this the GDrive?

CES attendance bounces back

IBM is the year's patent champ, again

Microsoft Word injunction goes into effect

Windows phone date bug appears limited

Hosted AP content on hold in Google News

RCA creating Wi-Fi-powered gadget charger

Grooveshark sued by another record company

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