CNET News Daily Podcast: Google gets into the link-shrinking biz

Google just launched its own link-shortening service, which could mean big things for the company's ad business and analytics tools. And Microsoft is getting heat from microblogging site Plurk.

The past few days have been good for Google. First it was a hot new Google-branded cell phone, followed up shortly thereafter by a new link-shortening service. This may seem like a very common feature these days with services like, but keep in mind that Google's big business is ads. The more it knows about where people are going on the Internet, the more advertising power it wields.

We also lead today's podcast with a developing story about a potential code ripoff of by Microsoft's MSN site in China.


Today's stories:

Microsoft pulls China site amid code-theft charges

Google gets into the URL-shrinking biz with

Smartphone share of cell phone sales set to soar

Inside the Google phone: A 'snappy' chip

Does Twitter mean business with 'Contributors' test?

Australia moves toward mandatory ISP filtering

Symantec confirms zero-day Acrobat, Reader attack

HTML groups tackle Webcam support

MIT unveils new 'smart' bike wheel

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