CNET News Daily Podcast: Giving plug-ins a familiar car feel

CNET News reporter Martin LaMonica talks about what automakers are doing to make the transition to plug-in vehicles easier for consumers.

Automakers don't want people to feel like driving electric means radical changes. CNET News reporter Martin LaMonica talks about what they're doing to make the transition easier for consumers. That, plus Sprint continues to bleed customers, Nintendo unveils a supersized version of the DSi, and much more.


Today's stories:

Sprint losses and customer defections continue

Motorola sees small third-quarter profit

Amazon lets shoppers pay with a phrase

DSi LL: Nintendo supersizes its gaming handheld

Kaspersky tool detects malware in Twitter links

Microsoft puts its 'signature' on PCs

Plug-in electric cars: New technology, familiar feel

Winking robot nav head knows where you're going

Send your questions for Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Mouse costs more than a laptop (almost $1,200)

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