CNET News Daily Podcast: Creeped out by Google Latitude

Track your friends and family with Google's new mobile service; Motorola releases the world's first carbon-neutral cell phone; and EA announces launch date for The Sims 3.

Stephen Shankland stops by the podcast studio to talk about Google's new mobile tracking application, Latitude. The app will let you track the physical locations of your friends and family (or vice versa) if they give you permission. It creeps me out, but Stephen's optimistic that people will use it responsibly. Will you use the service?

Also in this podcast: the world's first carbon-neutral cell phone; Yahoo helps organize your research projects; Amazon starts selling game downloads; and The Sims 3 is coming in June.

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Today's stories:

Latitude keeps tabs on family, pal locales

Panasonic warns of loss, 15,000 layoffs

EA cutting 1,100 jobs

Computer industry ranks third among job cuts

EA to launch 'Sims 3' on June 2

Amazon launches casual-game download service

Yahoo tests Search Pad to ease online research

Windows Starter gets new market: Netbooks

Microsoft and EMC renew their vows

Moto's green phone

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