CNET News Daily Podcast: Celebrating 'One Web Day'

MySpace Music presses play, and one San Francisco neighborhood celebrates a holiday known as One Web Day.

This week, dozens of countries participated in "One Web Day," the international holiday for the Internet. CNET reporter Kara Tsuboi stops by to talk about how one low-income San Francisco neighborhood marked the occasion .

Plus, MySpace Music makes its official debut , and more political pressure is building in opposition to Google and Yahoo's controversial search advertising partnership proposal.

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Today's stories:

Jack Thompson, video game industry scourge, disbarred

MySpace Music makes its debut

Mistrial for RIAA's $222,000 defendant

Consumer group asks senator to intervene in Google-Yahoo deal

Adobe extends Photoshop to mobile phone

T-Mobile caves on 1GB data limit for G1

Tech activist takes on governments over 'copyrighted' laws

When rap, physics, and fame collide

Video: Inner-city Wi-Fi rollout

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