CNET News Daily Podcast: Can Craigslist really stop prostitution ads?

Reporter Greg Sandoval says politicians are asking Craigslist to do the impossible; Sprint CEO warns of Palm Pre shortages; and Virgin America rolls out on-board Wi-Fi to its entire fleet.

Craigslist is rolling out changes to its Web site in an effort to curb solicitations for prostitution. But it's run into a few hitches along the way. Reporter Greg Sandoval talks about the changes and why politicians and law enforcement officials may be asking Craigslist to do the impossible.

Also in this podcast: Apple is warning users about the potential danger of static shock from its iPhones and iPods; Sprint CEO says consumers should expect shortages of the upcoming Palm Pre; and Virgin America says it has rolled its on-board Wi-Fi service out to its entire fleet.

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Today's stories:

Craigslist struggles with sex ad crackdown

Apple warns of static shock from iPhone, iPod

Sprint CEO: Expect Palm Pre shortages

Virgin Gogo goes fleetwide

Report: Microsoft to unveil Kumo search engine next week

Survey: 26 percent admit to texting while driving

Google dribbles out PowerMeter smart-grid service

Lessons for Apple from Nokia and Google

Survey: More people play video games than go to movies

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