CNET News Daily Podcast: Apple bares its legal teeth

Apple moves to stop Mac clone maker; how to bring more women into game development; and scientists uncover new link between marsupials and man.

Apple is famous for keeping a tight rein on its proprietary technology. Indeed, after Steve Jobs returned as CEO, one of his first important decisions was to pull the plug on the company's Mac clone program. So it's been a source of puzzlement why Apple hasn't moved since a clone maker called Psystar began selling a desktop computer running Apple's Mac OS in April. Now it has. CNET News' Ina Fried explains the context for the lawsuit filed earlier Tuesday.

CNET News' Holly Jackson spoke with Julia Brasil, winner of a $10,000 scholarship from Sony for a contest on how to bring more women into game development.

Skippy the Kangaroo was a cutie but he may be more--a lot more--than that, if the findings of a group of scientists prove accurate.

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