CNET News Daily Podcast: A tough day for Google

EU starts antitrust investigation of the search giant, and an Italian court hands out guilty verdicts to a couple of employees; Bloom Energy unveils its secretive power box; and visions of a Rickroll-free era.

The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation of Google. Separately, an Italian court finds three Google employees guilty of charges in a case concerning a video clip posted to its Google Video site. Also in today's podcast: Bloom Energy unveils its top-secret power source; Nintendo shows off larger version of the DSi; and the world almost sees the end of the Rickroll.


Today's stories:

EU to investigate Google after complaints

Execs convicted in Google Video case in Italy

Bloom Energy unveils its box

Nintendo DSi XL's screen 93 percent bigger

Nintendo getting on e-reader train, too

More TVs hopping onto the Internet

Robots to get sensitive with artificial skin

YouTube gives up on original 'Rickroll'--or does it?

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by Bridget Carey