CNET Live--Episode 99

Paul Kocher from Cryptography Research gives us the lowdown on botnets and just what we need to be afraid of.

Paul Kocher from Cryptography Research gives us the lowdown on botnets and just what we need to be afraid of.

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Trade HD DVDs for Blu-rays with Warner's Red2Blu program


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Netstumbler and iStumbler

Netgear N router for $25

Your video call
Mark in Albuquerque, N.M. wants to know why Windows update isn't working fro him in Parallels. A tough one to do without followup questions, but most likely he needs to have Parallels tools installed. If that's not it, a bridged connection instead of a NAT might help. If he's virtualising off a Bootcamp partition, try doing the updates in boot camp. If none of that helps, take a look at this forum thread on

Your calls
For the caller with the DVD drive that disappeared when he plugged in an external hard drive, we suggested some troubleshooting steps. Look to see if the drive still shows in BIOS. If it doesn't, the drive is likely toast and it's all a coincidence. If it does show up there, then try booting off it, say with a live Linux CD like Ubuntu, just to make sure it works. If that works, try upgrading the drivers in Windows. More ideas can be found here.

For underwater digital cameras, Brian Tong pointed out, you can get waterproof enclosures for any camera. This is good enough for poolside and snorkeling. There are also some heavier duty cameras meant for underwater use. There's a good forum thread about this at CNET forums.

The MSI gaming series laptop is a decent gaming laptop, but if you only want light gaming, a cheaper Netbook and desktop combo might cost you the same or a little cheaper.

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