CNET Live - Episode 61

Veronica Belmont is a guest.

Veronica Belmont from Revision3's Tekzilla and Sony PS3's Qore show stops by to talk about what she's up to and engage in an impromptu Buzz Out Loud reunion.

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Things we Crave

Water-cooled Panasonic projector.

Get a free hands-free headset.

First Look

iPod Boom Box.

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Insider Secrets

Make your laptop a hotspot

Best of the Web


Your calls

Play real media files in Linux with Helix and in Linux and OS X with MPlayer

You should be able to get Verizon or Sprint to unlock a CDMA phone for you but if you want to DIY it, try looking around at CellPhoneHacks.

Transfer data between two hard drives

Featured Video

iPhone 7 rumors point to a flush rear camera and cleaner all-metal look

Rumors detail the next iPhone's design, new iPad Air 3 designs leak and what might the "se" in the iPhone 5se stand for?

by Brian Tong