CNET Live - Episode 38 - Show Notes

Who should you vote for for president.

We had the cofounder of to talk about using their website and the web to choose a presidential candidate.

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Things we Crave

Nokia 7900 Crystal

Sothwest Airlines Wi-Fi

First Look

GE dualmod ephone

Guest Ivan Kanevski from

Download of the Week


Insider Secrets

Set up a laptop dock.

Best of the Web

Get freetunes from Last.FM.

Your calls

Should you get the Axiotron Modbook

Get some cheap podcast hosts.

Microsoft's recommendations for podcast gatherers.

Make Juice 2.2 work in Windows Vista.

Lots of software for recording streamingvideo.

Comapre Windows Vista editions.

Featured Video

Apple TV stretches Siri voice search in beta update

A developer preview of an Apple TV software update reveals new perks. Meanwhile, Twitter puts video ads on top of your feed and assembles a new troll-fighting task force.

by Bridget Carey