CNET Live - Episode 30 - Show Notes

Learn how to write a novel in a month and what Dual Core means.

It was a pleasure to have Rafe Needleman filling in for Brian Cooley today. We also really enjoyed novels with Chris Baty from National Novel Writing Month

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Things we Crave

USB Turntable with iPod dock

Eye-Fi Wireless SD card

First Look

Motorolo Q9h

Guest Chris Baty from National Novel Writing Month

Best of the Web

Cellfire mobile coupons.

Ask Anything

What does Dual Core mean?.

Download of the Week

Flock 1.0 Beta.

Best of the Web


Your calls

How Time Machine works in OS X Leopard.

New Apple MacBooks arrive. Not a huge update.

Copy DVDs to your iPod..

Featured Video

Tim Cook's blurry iPhone picture takes world by storm

What is the iPhone 6's "Error 53"? The new Apple tvOS brings new features and Tim Cook takes bad pictures.

by Brian Tong