CNET Live - Episode 10 - Show Notes

Kent German and Donald Bell join the show to help cut through the iPhone hype.

Another great show. No, really. I really felt that. At least until the blog tool crashed and I had to start these show notes again. From scratch. I will use Notepad from now on, I tell ya.

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Things we Crave

Best pool table ever

Best projector ever

Insider Secrets

Craig writes, " I heard something about third-party software for the iPhone coming out. Then I heard it's not really software but Web sites. So what's the deal? Will I be able to get apps for the iPhone from people other than Apple?"

Steve Jobs talks about third-party apps Special guests, Kent German and Donald Bell of dissect the iPhone.

Download of the Week

Safari Web browser for Windows.

First Look

OS X Leopard.

Best of the Web

Internet in your carYour calls

Make Windows look pretty much any way you want.

Turn your Palm device into a universal remote.

Featured Video

We pummel the powder in Nissan's Winter Warrior concepts

Equipped with suspension lifts and actual tracks, these concepts are meant to reach places that no ordinary vehicle can.

by Jon Wong