Clumsy, drunken DJs rejoice

CNET's Donald Bell offers his review of the Hercules DJ Console Rmx

Photo of Hercules DJ Console Rmx USB controller and audio card.
The USB-powered DJ Console Rmx is tough enough to survive a gig at the Thunderdome. CNET Networks

Being a DJ can be an expensive and confusing proposition. Going the traditional route of turntables and vinyl offers simplicity and street credibility, but it also means back-breaking record crates, an investment in turntable needles, and the constant fear of warped or scratched records. A laptop-based DJ rig solves these problems, but with the movement still in its infancy, there's lots of confusion over what products to buy, and each choice comes with its own set of hurdles to overcome.

There's no perfect solution for every digital DJ, but we were impressed by the Hercules DJ Console Rmx's unique combination of professional features and entry-level price. The DJ Console Rmx isn't for tech sissies, however, since you'll want to replace its bundled software right off the bat. Still, for $350, you get a four-channel USB audio card, microphone input, RCA and quarter-inch inputs and outputs, dual jog wheels, and an all-metal construction that could survive more than a few tumbles in the DJ booth.

To learn more about the Hercules DJ Console Rmx, check out our full review.

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