Clothespins go high-tech

In this digital age, even the clothespins are going high-tech.

U.K.-based artist and sculptor Oliver MacCarthy has come up with a working concept for what he calls "Weather Predicting Clothes Pegs." The devices and their holder are outfitted with microprocessors and software that sense when the rain is near based on shifts in the barometric pressure.

Weather Predicting Clothes Pegs
Credit: Oliver MacCarthy

If the weather turns for the worst, the pins and box lock up and prevent you from hanging your clothes out when it is about to rain.

"Each peg knows when it is being used," MacCarthy said on his Web site. "When you remove it from the holder it stops forecasting the weather and remains in the same free or locked mode until you put it back."

MacCarthy lives in Birmingham, where the weather has been partly sunny. But it rains occasionally in the summer months.

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