Close the lid on this Hamilton Beach searing indoor grill

The Hamilton Beach 25360 Searing Grill incorporates a lid into its design. In addition to being able to help make the perfect cheeseburger indoors, the lid may also serve a less obvious purpose.

Opening the lid of the Hamilton Beach 25360 Searing Grill is sure to draw a crowd.
Opening the lid of the Hamilton Beach 25360 Searing Grill is sure to draw a crowd. Hamilton Beach

The act of grilling brings a unique sense of anticipation -- as well as a crowd. Perhaps it is because seared meats and vegetables cook so tantalizingly close. Consider in contrast, the oven: a small viewing window and the need to do calisthenics (or at least two deep knee bends) to get food in to and out of the cooking chamber just doesn't create the same sense of excitement. With grilling, the food is right there within easy grabbing distance. Especially when the grill is on the kitchen countertop.

The Hamilton Beach 25360 Searing Grill ($89.99) mimics the outdoor experience, not only by having easily accessible grilled goods as close as can be, but by also including a closeable lid. If the anticipation of burgers and dogs becomes too great to handle, the lid can be closed to keep them out of sight. While that is certainly a nice feature for overenthusiastic eaters, perhaps the real reason the lid is incorporated into the design is to help trap heat (just try melting cheese onto a burger patty with a typical clamshell indoor grill).

The ability to control high heat is indeed the selling point of this indoor grill. Complete with adjustable temperature and a sear function, the grill kicks things into high gear without flame or fire. With little doubt that those with hungry appetites will gather around the grill, it may be only fair to put them to work to earn their meal -- but don't worry, the removable lid, plate, and drip tray are dishwasher-safe, so they won't mind too much.

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